DIY Upcycling Projects: 8 of 12 – Outdoor Furnishings

DIY Upcycling Projects for Your Outdoor Space | Eco-Mothering

One of the cool things about the green movement is that it has inspired people’s creativity for repurposing items. The term “upcycling,” which was first used in 1994, is now a widely understood concept that refers to the process of transforming waste or unwanted products into something new, usually of a higher quality. This post highlights 7 DIY upcycling projects you can create for your outdoor garden and patio. Be amazed and inspired! Recycled Door Arbor from GardenWeb     Wine Bottle Tiki Torch from Design Sponge   Pallet Patio Table from Survive France   Wine Barrel Sink from Instructables   Outdoor Movie Screen from The Shabby Creek Cottage   Plastic Chair Kiddie Plaything from Mummy Musings and Mayhem   Denim Planters from Upcycled Garden Style  

Tips for Greening Your Home in Winter

Ideas for Greening Your Home in Winter |

When people talk about going green in winter, what usually comes to mind is weatherizing your home: sealing cracks, and insulating attics, pipes and heaters. But there also are other household tips to help make your winter more eco-friendly. Circulate those ceiling fans. It sounds odd, but if you change the direction of your ceiling fan so that it runs clockwise, it creates an updraft that allows the fan to circulate the warm air that gathers at the ceiling down to the space you inhabit. This simple act can save up to 10 percent on heating costs. Make your ice removal non-toxic. Chemical deicers come with caution warnings on them for a reason — they’re harmful to humans, pets and the environment. The impurities and added chemicals in road salt have been linked to aquatic dead zones, poisoned pets and plants, and increased risk of cancer in humans. Forget trying … Continue reading

Tips for Greening Your Child’s Bedroom or Nursery

It’s easy to get caught up in buying brand new, chain store stuff right from the start, especially when the Baby Industry woos you with their surplus of oversized cribs, cozy rocking chairs and cute monkey-adorned blankets. However, this is not a very sustainable choice and, often, not very healthy for your child either. A child’s developing body is more sensitive to environmental hazards than an adult’s, so it makes sense to pay more attention to what goes into your child’s bedroom – where they can spend up to one-half of their day. The materials and adhesives that go into furniture, flooring, bedding and décor often contain and emit VOCs (volatile organic compounds), a mixture of chemicals that can have adverse health effects. One common VOC, formaldehyde, is a known carcinogen. PBDEs (polybrominated diphenyl ethers) are endocrine-disrupting chemicals commonly used as flame retardants, and they tend to migrate from household products … Continue reading

Greening Your Home: Cushy, Quality, Eco-Friendly Rug Pads

Eco-Friendly, Non-Toxic Rug Pads |

To be honest, I’ve never give much thought to rug pads. We don’t have wall-to-wall carpet in our home. We have wooden floors covered with area rugs, and getting pads for the area rugs didn’t seem worth the extra expense or bother. Then I was contacted by Karl from Eco-Rug Pads who wanted to know if I’d like to try their product. After reviewing their website, I decided I did. I liked their family-oriented business and their commitment toward the environment. That’s a big deal in the rug business where it’s so easy to cut costs in half by importing cheap materials from China. I was curious to try some of the company’s eco-friendly rug pads so I gave Karl the measurements of two area rugs. The very next day, I received the package. Excellent first impression! My second impression was just as good when I opened the package and … Continue reading

Top 5 Eco Interior Paints

Eco-Friendly Interior Paints |

When we moved into our house four years ago, I couldn’t wait to paint it. After years of apartment living, I finally had walls I could paint! And I knew I’d be seeking eco-friendly options that did not contain volatile organic compounds (VOCs). VOCs include a variety of chemicals with short- and long-term adverse health effects. They can off-gas for years, which is why interior paint is a prime contributor to indoor pollution. According to the EPA, even old cans of paints, solvents, stains, etc. sitting in your basement can leak chemicals and wreak havoc on your health. Dump the VOCs. Below are five eco-friendly indoor paints. Benjamin Moore Aura and EcoSpec I began painting with Benjamin Moore Aura because my online research showed the brand had great coverage and lasted forever. PROS: (1) The coverage was good — the paint was rich and smooth, and I only needed one … Continue reading