Meet Eek the Monkey

eek-watch-meEek is a yellow-tailed woolly monkey from the cloud forests of Peru. (We’re not sure how he ended up in our home in Rhode Island!)

The yellow-tailed woolly monkey is an endangered species, which means there aren’t many living in the world. Some scientists estimate there may only be 250 of these monkeys left! Yellow-tailed woolly monkeys are losing their forest home to people who cut down the trees.

Maybe that’s why Eek cares about the environment. Eek has decided to make a series of videos for kids about all things eco. He came up with the clever name himself: “Going Eco with Eek.” His playful personality and sense of humor make him perfect for the camera.

A few more things you should know about Eek:

  • He loves to eat leaves and flowers but especially fruit.
  • His yellow-striped tail is ticklish.
  • He grew up in a troop of twelve monkeys – mom, dad, little sister, aunts, uncles and cousins, including a favorite one named Zeke.
  • He LOVES kids!
  • When he grows up, Eek wants to be a bigger monkey… and hopefully, famous.


Watch the Videos: “Going Eco with Eek”


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Note: Eek is a hand puppet made by the creative folks at Folkmanis

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