Unique, Wacky and Gently Green Holidays to Celebrate in MARCH

Unique and Wacky Holidays in March | Eco-Mothering.com

Some people only think about an eco lifestyle on Earth Day, April 22. However, a little research showed me that every month has a few unique and earth-friendly holidays that can be cause for celebration. Pick whichever ones appeal to you, then get out there and celebrate! March is National Nutrition Month, which means it’s time to put into practice those healthy eating habits that fell by the wayside with your New Year’s resolutions. This month is also Music in our Schools Month, Craft Month, Caffeine Awareness Month and Women’s History Month. March’s Celebrations by Date: March 2 – Old Stuff Day It’s a day to wax nostalgic and bond with others over old items or memories. You can also take this time to declutter your boxes of old stuff, recycling or donating what you can. March 6 – Day of Unplugging It’s time to step away from the computer, … Continue reading

Breastpump Recycling Made Easy by Medela

Medela Recycles Breastpumps | Eco-Mothering.com

Here’s proof that one person can make a difference! Last summer a mom from California started a petition on change.org asking Medela to uphold their motto of “Breastfeeding for Earth” and implement a breastpump recycling program. Over 2,000 people signed the petition, and Medela responded by launching a breastpump recycling program in January. The Medela Recycles program intends to keep 12,000 breast pumps out of landfills by making it easy for moms to be eco-conscious in disposing of their breastpumps. Also, in exchange for the breastpumps received through Medela Recycles, the company will donate hospital-grade Medela Symphony® Preemie+™ breastpumps and supplies to Ronald McDonald House Charities® for families with babies in NICU. Actress and mother of two, Jenna von Oy, kicked off the campaign last month by donating two hospital grade pumps to her hometown Ronald McDonald House Charities.® This is what Jenna had to say about the Medela Recycles program: “I … Continue reading

Green Fun Guide for Spending Time with your Teen


This is a guest post by Melissa Stevens In these modern times, parents are occupied with endless work-related duties and other activities that you often cannot find enough time to be with your children who have fast become teenagers. When you do grab a chance to spend a day with them, you want to have as much fun as possible. Even better, you can influence their ecological awareness by planning some green fun. Out-of-City Experiences Living in the city demands a near constant use of the car, especially when you’re driving teens to school or the mall. However, it is important to stress the importance of walking. Walk with them sometimes to the store or the local park. Gather your kids, nephews and nieces and take them for a trip into the “wild” so that they are exposed to numerous miracles of nature that urban kids rarely witness. You might … Continue reading

Poem for a Green Valentine


Poem by Donna DeForbes (originally published February 2012) This Valentine’s Day I send out a plea To celebrate the holiday ecologically, Showing love not only for your Jordan or Janet But for the finite resources of this planet. The one billion cards mailed each year Require far too many trees, I fear. Opt for tree-free paper, e‐cards or a text, A Valentine tweet leaves the forests less vexed. When it comes to chocolate, look for Fair Trade Ensuring that the workers were not underpaid. Seek out a natively grown or organic flower Because “fresh” red roses come imported in a pesticide shower. If you take your loved one out to dine Choose local food and organic wine; Don’t knock it ‘til you try it This carbon‐reducing, sustainable diet. Whether you prefer your meals baked or fried Head for a place that is green certified. Each year thousands of habitat acres … Continue reading

Fifty Shades of Green for Your Sex Life

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All this Fifty Shades of Grey hype inspired me to devise a list of 50 ways you can green your sex life. It was a challenge to reach 50, and I encountered information I’d never considered before — like which methods of birth control are greenest. From sustainable sex toys and stimulating foods to organic lingerie and energy-efficient erotica, these 50 shades of greener sex might just give you some ideas. Get a green start by seeking out like-minded eco-conscious partners through dating sites such as Green Singles or Planet Earth Singles. Have sex during the day when there’s no need for lights and less need for heating. At night, keep the lights off and the thermostat down. Make your own heat under the covers. In summer, open windows or use an ENERGY STAR ceiling fan instead of running the air conditioner. Prefer keeping the lights on? Use LED bulbs, … Continue reading

Unique, Wacky and Gently Green Holidays to Celebrate in FEBRUARY

Unique Holidays in February | Eco-Mothering.com

Some people only think about an eco lifestyle on Earth Day, April 22. However, a little research showed me that every month has a few unique and earth-friendly holidays that can be cause for celebration. Pick whichever ones appeal to you, then get out there and celebrate! No worries if you think Valentine’s Day is overrated. February is filled with other things to celebrate. It’s Heart Month — a time to learn about staying heart healthy — and it’s also Library Lovers Month, Bird-Feeding Month and Bake for Family Fun Month!  February’s Celebrations by Date: February 2 – World Wetlands Day Wetlands protect our coastlines, act as a natural sponge against flooding and are abundant with biodiversity. Sadly, 60% of our wetlands have disappeared since 1900. What can you do? Head to WorldWetlandsDay.org to enter the photos contest, print out posters or download teaching materials. February 5 – Western Monarch … Continue reading

How Green is Your Mattress? Q&A With Actress Amy Smart

A Life Less Toxic: Green Mattresses Q&A with Amy Smart | Eco-Mothering.com

The Environmental Media Association’s (EMA) new PSA video “A Life Less Toxic” is the beginning in a series on living a sustainable lifestyle. In the first episode, actress and environmental activist Amy Smart along with her eco husband Carter Oosterhouse (from HGTV’s Red Hot & Green) go to the mattresses at the Naturepedic factory in Ohio. Founder Barry Cik was inspired to start the Naturepedic company during the impending birth of his first grandchild, when he was unsatisfied with the mattress choices in a baby store. They were comprised of vinyl and other toxic plastics; Barry wanted something safer for his family. What makes a mattress green? Why should we care about sleeping on one? Amy, Carter and Barry answer these questions and more in this short video. Q&A with Amy Smart Amy Smart’s interest in the environment extends back to her childhood, from her high school days volunteering for … Continue reading

Tips for Breastfeeding Beginners

Tips for Breastfeeding Beginners | Eco-Mothering.com

With so many benefits to breastfeeding your baby, getting off to a good start can make all the difference. Here are some tips to help you on your path. Have your baby skin-to-skin as soon as possible after birth to encourage initial breastfeeding. In addition to establishing a bond, the touch of your skin stabilizes Baby’s heart rate and temperature and stimulates milk production. Ask, ask, ask for help. A proper (and non-painful latch) is key to breastfeeding comfort, so get help early with any latching problems. Seek advice from hospital nurses, midwives or doulas. A visit from a certified lactation consultant can help guide you through the latching-on process and smooth out any challenges you have. Relax. Easier said than done, perhaps, but essential for anxious moms new to breastfeeding. Milk comes in quicker via a relaxed body. Holding your baby skin to skin while nursing, gazing into his … Continue reading