Unique, Wacky and Gently Green Holidays to Celebrate in JULY

Unique, Wacky and Gently Green Holidays in July | Eco-Mothering.com

Some people only think about an eco lifestyle on Earth Day, April 22. However, a little research showed me that every month has a few unique and earth-friendly holidays that can be cause for celebration. Pick whichever ones appeal to you, then get out there and celebrate! July is Picnic Month. The perfect time to enjoy eating outdoors. Pack up some eco-friendly picnic supplies and head to your nearest scenic spot. Have you ever enjoyed on of these 10 best picnic spots in the U.S.? What places would you add to the list? July is also Ice Cream Month, Independent Retailer Month and Unlucky Month for Weddings. July’s Celebrations by Date July 3 – International Plastic Bag Free Day It takes a plastic bag anywhere from 100-500 years to fully decompose. In the meantime, there are quite a lot of them forming masses in our oceans and clogging our landfills. … Continue reading

What’s the Greenest Form of Contraception?

What's the Most Eco-Friendly Form of Birth Control? | Eco-Mothering.com

While birth control methods are usually judged for their effectiveness in preventing pregnancy or STDs, their environmental impacts are often overlooked. Using any kind of birth control is an eco-friendly action since it helps reduce the earth’s carbon footprint; however, some methods are greener than others. Read my full article—which talks about the Pill, IUD, diaphragm, condoms and more—on ecoRI News. Image: pixabay.com

DIY Solutions for a Natural Summer

DIY Solutions for a Natural Summer | Eco-Mothering.com

Summer is a carefree time of sunshine, vacations, picnics and outdoor living. For the eco-conscious person, that outdoor living can bring up questions from “How do I make my own tiki torches?” to  ”What natural product will keep bugs out of my garden?” Other times, the casualties of summer (sunburn, bug bites) leave us hunting last-minute for natural remedies. Be prepared for anything summer dishes out with these DIY solutions for your body, home and garden. DIY for Health and Body DIY Herbal First Aid Kit for Summer from Delicious Obsessions  Easy Sunscreen Recipe from Scratch Mommy Homemade Sunscreen for SPF Allergies from Life Currents Bug Repellant with Coconut and Essential Oils from Delicious Obsessions Treating Bug Bites with Essential Oils from Mix Wellness Healing Garden Salve from Nourishing Simplicity Strawberry Lemonade Foot Scrub from Richly Rooted Medicinal Yarrow Salve for Cuts, Rashes and Stings from Montana Homesteader DIY Non-Toxic … Continue reading

Review: Bottles & Wood Upcycled Jewelry

Bottles&Wood Upcycled Jewelry | Eco-Mothering.com

I’m a big fan of upcycling and creative reuse… and I also love pendant necklaces. So I jumped at the chance to review Bottle & Wood’s repurposed jewelry for The Green Mama. (Manda has a really awesome site and book, both of which you should check out!) Bottles & Wood is a California company that rescues used wine, liquor and water bottles from local hotels and restaurants and crafts them into gorgeous bangles, earrings and necklaces — like this Bombay Sapphire pendant necklace. Read my full review on The Green Mama — and receive 15% off your jewelry purchase!  

Be Guilt-Free, Buy Fairtrade

Why Buy Fairtrade | Eco-Mothering.com

This is a guest post by Frugal RJ As environmentally conscious parents, we try to be knowledgeable about the contents and history of the products we use, but it can be awfully time consuming to find out where every product comes from and how it was made. We might purchase clothes and supplies labeled “organic,” but how true is that label? And does being marketed as “organic” automatically mean that the product was made through ethical means? Thankfully, as the “green movement” becomes a regular way of life, many organizations and agencies have emerged to help make living eco-friendly lifestyles more manageable. One such group is Fairtrade International, an organization that has fought to secure international standards for the ethical production of goods. Recognizing that every product results from a partnership between producers, businesses and consumers, Fairtrade International has created a set of standards that allow a product to carry Fairtrade … Continue reading

Unique, Wacky and Gently Green Holidays to Celebrate in JUNE

Unique and Gently Green Holidays in June | Eco-Mothering.com

Some people only think about an eco lifestyle on Earth Day, April 22. However, a little research showed me that every month has a few unique and earth-friendly holidays that can be cause for celebration. Pick whichever ones appeal to you, then get out there and celebrate! June is Camping Month. Of course it is. It’s the kick-off to summer and what better way to celebrate than ditching the structured house for some time outdoors. While camping is already a pretty eco-friendly activity, here are a few tips for making camping greener. June is also Gay Pride Month, Aquarium Month, National Adopt a Cat Month and Iced Tea Month. June’s Celebrations by Date June 1 – Go Barefoot Day Also, known as “earthing” where we draw electrons from the earth, going barefoot has been shown to improve our health: reduced stress, better immunity, less pain. Try it today and maybe … Continue reading

Guilt-Free Green Tip #8: Pick Up Your Dog Poop

Reasons for Picking Up Your Dog Poop | Eco-Mothering.com

After working eight years for my local environmental organization, Save The Bay, I learned quite a bit about marine pollution and its causes. And while some causes (like stormwater runoff) are out of our hands, there are others completely in our control. One of those is picking up dog poop. In 1991, the EPA labeled dog waste as a non-point source of pollution (alongside insecticides, oil, grease and acid drainage). Which means it’s a serious thing. Poop contaminates the ground around it and can also get washed into local storm drains and waterways when it rains. Benefits of Picking Up Dog Poop Healthier Pups and People Diseases such as E. Coli, roundworms, giardia and salmonella can be transmitted through dog feces to other dogs, cats or even people. (According to Stephan Budiansky in his book, “The Truth About Dogs,” there are 65 diseases that dogs can transmit to humans — … Continue reading

Beauty Inside and Out: Goddess Garden Safe Sunscreen Review


This post is sponsored by Green Sisterhood but, as always, the opinion is my own. The recent beautiful New England weather has my family spending more time outdoors, which means it’s time to lather ourselves with Goddess Garden’s safe sunscreen. I learned about Goddess Garden last year, and it’s been our family’s go-to sunscreen ever since. (Scroll to bottom for details on 20% off Goddess Garden products!) As a forty-something woman who knows about the increased importance of skin protection, I want to avoid sun damage. I don’t want wrinkles and pigmentation to keep me from feeling beautiful on the outside. And I’ve learned how external beauty is often affected by what’s inside our personal care products. In the same way you want to fuel your body with healthy foods, you only want healthy products to soak into your skin—both have a direct impact on how you feel and how … Continue reading