How to Make Every Day EARTH DAY

Tips for making every day Earth Day |

Is being eco-friendly on April 22 enough to maintain a healthy planet? Do you wonder how to make every day Earth Day? Well, WONDER no more. Yes, friends, I’ve made an acrostic from my article subheads 🙂  Remember these six basic areas in which you can ramp up your greenness 365 days per year. Watch Your Water Water conservation and sanitation is a huge issue worldwide. Here in the U.S., we can do our part in a variety of ways: Drink from cups and reusable water bottles; reuse cooking water on plants; keep water off while brushing your teeth; install water-efficient showerheads, faucets and toilets; divert rainwater to your lawn or garden with a rain barrel. Here are 100+ ways to conserve water. Opt for Less Stuff Poet, designer and social activist William Morris once said, “Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or … Continue reading

DIY Upcycling Projects: 5 of 12 – Valentine Gifts

Upcycled Valentine Gifts |

One of the cool things about the green movement is that it has inspired people’s creativity for  repurposing items. The term “upcycling,” which was first used in 1994, is now a widely understood concept that refers to the process of transforming waste or unwanted products into something new, usually of a higher quality. This post highlights 5 DIY Upcycling projects you can create for unique Valentine’s Day gifts. Be amazed and inspired!   FOR YOUR SIGNIFICANT OTHER: “52 Reasons” Card Book from Austin, Texas     FOR YOUR KIDS: “I Love You Around the World and Back” Globe from Driven by Decor   FOR YOUR DAD: Scrabble Tile Cufflinks from Mom It Forward   FOR YOUR CHILD’S TEACHER: Apple Clay Jar from Crafty Moods   FOR YOUR CHILD’S CLASSMATES:  Hand Warmers from About a Mom  

10 Green Resolutions for the New Year

Ideas for Eco-Friendly New Year's Resolutions |

Whether you’re just starting out on the journey to a greener life or if you’re already pretty crunchy, there’s probably something on here that you haven’t yet incorporated into your lifestyle. Get your year off to a green start with one of these eco-friendly resolutions. Recycle your Christmas tree and old holiday lights. Many cities offer curbside recycling the few weeks after Christmas, so that’s easy peasy. Check out these other ways to recycle a Christmas tree. You can also recycle your broken or outdated Christmas lights (and sometimes receive coupons for new LED lights) through several organizations. Stay up to date on environmental issues. Subscribe to or check out these news sites.  Environmental News Network  The Daily Climate (for climate change news)  The Guardian  Mother Nature Network Compost your food scraps. The average American tosses about 20 pounds of food per month (source). Composting your organic waste instead is a great … Continue reading

DIY Upcycling Projects: 3 of 12 – Holiday Wreaths

DIY upcycled holiday wreaths |

One of the cool things about the green movement is that it has inspired people’s creativity for  repurposing items. The term “upcycling,” which was first used in 1994, is now a widely understood concept that refers to the process of transforming waste or unwanted products into something new, usually of a higher quality. This post highlights five DIY Upcycling projects creating unique and beautiful holiday wreaths using leftover materials. Be amazed and inspired! Wreath of PVC Pipe from DIY Cozy Home Wreath of Toilet Paper Rolls from Bonnin Designs Wreath of Pine Cones and Nuts from Wonderful DIY (scroll down to see it) Wreath of Wine Corks from Wine Folly Wreath of Burlap from Home Decor Made EZ

Tips for Dealing with Kids and Commercialism at the Holidays

Tips for Reducing Commercialism at the Holidays |

After learning a song about climate change at school, my nine-year-old has been following us around the house turning off a light the minute someone steps out of a room. She has also been heard to make comments like, “Daddy, you shouldn’t buy a new TV because it makes more carbon dioxide, and that doesn’t help the polar bears.” I am thinking this could be a good time to make links for her between those cute polar bears and the pollution created in the manufacture of plastic toys. Yet I know this knowledge will likely be cast aside as the holiday season approaches. Sofie naturally succumbs to the childlike quality of always wanting more stuff – the latest doll or fashion style, new books, another adorable stuffed animal. And many of those wants come from advertising, whether it’s via TV, a store circular or word-of-mouth (a.k.a. her friends). At the holidays, … Continue reading

Guilt-Free Green Tip #441: Participate in a Halloween Costume Swap

Green your Halloween with a costume swap |

Welcome to a regular blog feature called Guilt-Free Green Tips. These will be easy action steps you can take to be a little greener, and each mini post will feature one tip. Choose the ones that appeal to you, and learn what eco benefits a single, simple step can make. Halloween costumes extend at least as far back as medieval times when people dressed up during Samhain as the fairies, ghosts and witches they feared as a way to ward off evil spirits. They went “mumming,” performing antics in exchange for food and drink. Our modern-day costumes have become much more diverse in their range of characters, often portraying whoever is popular in current media, and because of that, Halloween costumes have become a cheap, single-use industry. It’s becoming rare to see homemade outfits sewn by hand or pieced together from items around the house. This year, look for a … Continue reading

Unique, Wacky and Gently Green Holidays to Celebrate in SEPTEMBER

Unique and Gently Green Holidays in September |

Some people only think about an eco lifestyle on Earth Day, April 22. However, a little research showed me that every month has a few unique and earth-friendly holidays that can be cause for celebration. Pick whichever ones appeal to you, then get out there and celebrate! September is Baby Safety Month. While most people focus on external safety—sharp objects, chokeables, hazardous climbing structures—you might also consider your baby’s internal safety. That means the invisible chemicals and toxins that permeate many household and hygiene products. Start with these 5 toxins to avoid in baby products and see what your alternatives are. September is also Piano Month, Self Improvement Month, Chicken Month and Hispanic Heritage Month. September’s Celebrations by Date: September 4 – Lazy Moms Day Celebrated the first Friday in September, Lazy Moms Day is a holiday I can get behind. From, here are 25 ways to be lazy today. … Continue reading

Eco-Friendly Birthday Parties: Alternative Party Supplies

Tips for Eco-Friendly Birthday Parties |

I recently read that August is the most popular birthday month (and today happens to be mine!), which means there are thousands or even millions of birthday parties taking place this month. I love birthdays, and I love a good party. However, all the disposable waste that parties can create is a darn shame, especially when much of it can be avoided. When it comes to children’s birthdays, most people are in the habit of following the majority, which means paper plates, cups and décor in a popular licensed character theme and prettily wrapped presents of the latest plastic doll or truck. Nearly all of this stuff, including the cheap plastic party favors, gets tossed within a few hours. However, if you knew the effect all this paper and plastic waste had on trees, animals, our health and the planet, you might consider eco-friendly alternatives. (Which would likely save you … Continue reading