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me and sofie at nanas_2012Are you perfectly green? Me neither. But I’d rather not feel guilty about it.

Going green can seem overwhelming and full of ‘shoulds.’  Eco-Mothering is about Guilt-Free Green Parenting where we explore ways to make going green fun and easy for the whole family.

It’s a lot easier to maintain an eco-friendly lifestyle when you dump the perfectionistic eco-guilt and focus on those green actions that feel good to you. Our blog offer ideas and eco-inspiration for everyday living including: holiday celebrations, natural medicine, home and garden, pregnancy, social action and much more.

So… Welcome! I am a graphic designer, writer and mommy blogger aiming to uplift others and inspire change. I am passionate about books, the environment, clean design, good humor, natural parenting and living authentically… and you’ll see all of that on Eco-Mothering.

My life purpose is to create beautiful things and clever words while filling the world with love and laughter. I’m a Philadelphia native currently living in Rhode Island with my progressive husband and precocious daughter.

Why did I start this blog?

I’ve always been a champion of the environment. That led me to work for Save The Bay® where, in 2008, I started Eco-Mothering. My motivation was two-fold: to document my one-year-old daughter’s life while connecting with others on the parenting journey and to share eco-friendly information with a larger community. As an introvert with a desire to change the world, I found blogging the perfect venue for me to speak out.


What will you find on Eco-Mothering?

Weekly posts ranging from personal experiences and random rants to product reviews and Top 5 Fridays. I like to incorporate humor and my family in my writing.

I’ve been a contributor to Earth911, ecoRI News, The Green Mama and MammaBaby. I am also a member of Mom Bloggers for Social Good and Green Sisterhood, a powerful group of passionate women who write about environmental issues and their impact on society.

You’ll also find my book, The Guilt-Free Guide to Greening Your Holidays, which offers eco-friendly inspiration from January through December. It’s available on Amazon in print and Kindle version.

Eco-Mothering Press

Some random facts about me:

Connect with me: 

If you’d like to advertise on my blog or have an eco-friendly product that you’d like me to promote, send me an email. If you’re a follower or fellow blogger, connect with me in any of the following ways:

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