What’s in Our Water? Breaking Down Marine Pollution

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This Save The Bay graphic for the International Coastal Cleanup (ICC) shows a breakdown of trash pieces found along Rhode Island beaches and coastlines last year. It amounts to nearly ten tons of trash—and that’s just in the smallest U.S. state. According to the Ocean Conservancy, more than 18 million pounds of trash was collected by ICC volunteers in 2015. That’s equal to the weight of 437 whale sharks!   While cigarette butts are the biggest offender, the remainder consists of food and drink packaging: glass, metal and the dreaded plastic. Plastic pollution clogs coastlines, harms marine creatures and leaches toxins into our waters. It is believed that there are 5.25 trillion pieces of plastic debris in the ocean, some floating and some in the deep sea. How Does the Trash Get in our Water? The bulk of it flows downstream, meaning it comes from land-based sources (litter, overflowing trash cans, … Continue reading

8 Green Tasks Your Toddler Can Do

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Getting kids on the road to a low-waste lifestyle can begin at birth since little ones observe and mimic what we do. Here are eight simple ways to get them involved early on. Recycle household items. Easy peasy. Hand your toddler a washed-out yogurt container, and see if he can drop it into the blue bin. Let him pick up yesterday’s newspaper and toss it into the green bin. Kids learn color differentiation as well as what items are recyclable. Learn more tips on making recycling fun for kids. Hand you wet clothes from the laundry basket as you hang them on the clothesline. There are both eco and cost benefits to air drying your laundry. Throw dryer balls into your dryer. (aff link) Wool dryer balls are a chemical-free, cost-efficient alternative to dryer sheets and fabric softeners (they’re especially great for drying cloth diapers). They also reduce static and … Continue reading

Vegetable Gardening for Beginners

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Even though we’ve had various forms of vegetable gardens in our yard for four years, I consider myself a novice gardener. Which means I still turn to others to answer my questions on issues such as “how can I keep annoying bugs from eating my basil” or “which veggies can I plant that will come back every year?” With this post, I’ve tried to put it all in one place for you from what to plant, where to plant and how to keep everything growing. This is by no means an exhaustive list, but it’s a very good place to start. Getting Started 10 Reasons to Start a Garden from Oh Lardy! Five Questions to Ask Before Starting your First Garden from Live Renewed Five Tips for the Gardening Newbie from Simply Healthy Home Basics of Starting an Urban Garden from Delicious Obsessions Deciding What to Plant from Montana Homesteader … Continue reading