Why Trees Are Awesome (and Why You Should Plant One)

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Most everyone is familiar with Joyce Kilmer’s poetic line: “I think that I shall never see A poem lovely as a tree.” What makes trees so lovely? They tower over our landscape with their leafy, needled and willowy beauty; mark the cycle of the seasons from stark nakedness to riotous colors; and serve as symbols of strength and flexibility. We know trees are good for the earth, but do we really know why? Here are some reasons behind the awesomeness of trees. Let me know if this doesn’t make you want to hug one or plant one — which you can do at the end of this post! Trees Conserve Energy and Water. Placed strategically, trees provide shade to homes and office buildings, either reducing the need for air conditioners or cutting AC costs by 15-35%. Trees planted in cities help combat the “heat islands” of unending asphalt and concrete. … Continue reading

10 Unique and Handmade Holiday Gifts under $25

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Yes, you can shop green while on a budget. If you shop Etsy while you’re at it, you support artisans and small businesses that focus on crafting handmade items. Here are ten unique gift ideas for the people on your list, and all are under $25! Sea Shell Hanging Air Plant, $4.99 Delight the plant lover in your life with these super cool tillandsias, or air plants. They hang encased in sea urchin shells and require only bright light and occasional water misting. Plants come assembled and gift wrapped and would add an exotic, conversation piece to any room. Aromatherapy Diffuser Necklace, $20.00 Fill these handmade necklaces with your favorite essential oil. They’re made from allergy, lead and nickel-free stainless steel accented in your choice of nine colors with the words “only love” etched into the side. A few drops of oil releases its aroma for you all day long. … Continue reading

DIY Upcycling Projects: 3 of 12 – Holiday Wreaths

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One of the cool things about the green movement is that it has inspired people’s creativity for  repurposing items. The term “upcycling,” which was first used in 1994, is now a widely understood concept that refers to the process of transforming waste or unwanted products into something new, usually of a higher quality. This post highlights five DIY Upcycling projects creating unique and beautiful holiday wreaths using leftover materials. Be amazed and inspired! Wreath of PVC Pipe from DIY Cozy Home Wreath of Toilet Paper Rolls from Bonnin Designs Wreath of Pine Cones and Nuts from Wonderful DIY (scroll down to see it) Wreath of Wine Corks from Wine Folly Wreath of Burlap from Home Decor Made EZ

Why You Should Consider Wearing Your Baby 

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One thing I miss most about my daughter’s early years is wearing her in a wrap or sling. It was such a joy to carry Sofie around and be in close contact with her, yet be hands-free. As a family, we hiked, went food shopping and attended neighborhood events with seeming ease. We never bought one of those infant car seats, because I dislike the modern-day custom of carrying babies around in plastic contraptions that dangle from our arms—often leading to repetitive-stress injuries (RSI). Baby wraps were not so popular or varied when Sofie was born, but we invested in a sling, the Baby Bjorn and a handmade mei tai. I carried Sofie on my back in the mei tei until she was four years old. While we still cuddle and I can—sometimes—pick Sofie up, nothing beats the physical and emotional closeness of wearing her. {sigh} Benefits of Babywearing Makes … Continue reading

Tips for Dealing with Kids and Commercialism at the Holidays

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After learning a song about climate change at school, my nine-year-old has been following us around the house turning off a light the minute someone steps out of a room. She has also been heard to make comments like, “Daddy, you shouldn’t buy a new TV because it makes more carbon dioxide, and that doesn’t help the polar bears.” I am thinking this could be a good time to make links for her between those cute polar bears and the pollution created in the manufacture of plastic toys. Yet I know this knowledge will likely be cast aside as the holiday season approaches. Sofie naturally succumbs to the childlike quality of always wanting more stuff – the latest doll or fashion style, new books, another adorable stuffed animal. And many of those wants come from advertising, whether it’s via TV, a store circular or word-of-mouth (a.k.a. her friends). At the holidays, … Continue reading

Sing for Climate Change Action

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Recently, my daughter came home singing this song she had learned in school. “We need to wake up, We need to wise up, We need to open our eyes and do it now, now, now! We need to build a better future and we need to start right now! We’re on a planet that has a problem. We need to solve it, get involved, and do it now, now, now! We need to build a better future and we need to start right now!” View full lyrics of “Do It Now.” These were fabulous words to hear Sofie singing around the house. And then I discovered it was part of a global movement to affect change at the upcoming UN Climate Change Conference in Paris. From November 30-December 11, 190 nations will convene in the City of Light to discuss ways to reduce greenhouse gas emissions beyond the year 2020 (when … Continue reading

A Simple Tip for Easier Recycling at Home

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This is a guest post by Jeremy Collins Living green no matter where you are in the world means an environmentally conscious lifestyle that moves towards preserving nature and the ecosystems around us. Not only do you reduce waste and conserve natural resources, but you also improve your own life quality with less clutter and a more sustainable lifestyle. You don’t have to be ready to fully commit to a green lifestyle. Just by starting small —for example, recycling  aluminum—you are making a difference in the environment. About Aluminum Aluminum doesn’t break down easily, taking up to 200 years for this metal to start decomposing. So it is important that it doesn’t end up in landfills where it will just lie there for a long time. The proper way to recycle aluminum is to bring it to an aluminum recycling facility specially designed to give this material a new life. … Continue reading