Learning the Rules of Trash and Recycling

It’s amazing how apartment living makes you take certain things for granted. Like trash. We were used to large dumpsters (and small recycle bins) for quick and easy disposal. Or property managers who maintained the trash barrel collection and all its requirements. In Champaign, Illinois, there was no curbside recycling. In Providence, neighborhood streets on trash day often resemble an obstacle course of everything, including the kitchen sink. And it all gets taken away. In Warwick, things are different. Along with the house, we inherited three 35-gallon wheeled carts: a gray one for trash, a green one for paper/cardboard and a blue one for bottles and cans. On trash day, these containers line the streets of Warwick, all facing out in an orderly manner. This seemed great … until we actually started using them. 35 gallons may sound big, but it only fits about 2-3 trash bags. Which doesn’t include … Continue reading