Grow a Healing Garden with Medicinal Plants

I’m a lazy gardener. This means I plant crops that can thrive with very little attention, which is why our veggie garden typically consists of tomatoes, peas, beans, basil and lettuce. When I discovered herbs a few years ago, I was particularly fond of their perennial properties—plant once and they come back year after year. A lazy gardener’s dream! I love that herbs have multiple uses; not only do they add flavor to meals, many offer medicinal properties. Sage, for example, works in stews and also provides relief for sore throats or laryngitis when used in a tea.

Since moving beyond food gardening to other plants, I try to choose those with multiple uses. Yarrow in the front yard gives us fern-like leaves and pretty pink blooms. It also stops my daughter’s nosebleeds. Lemon balm on our patio naturally deters mosquitoes, yet can also add flavor to drinks and salads.

As you’ll see, you can create a veritable medicine cabinet in your own backyard!

Plants for Your Medicinal Garden |

Starting a Medicinal Garden

Where to begin? Check out these links, which provide tips and lists of medicinal plants. Consider your landscape needs (shade vs. sun) as well as your healing needs when choosing which plants to grow in your garden.

Healing Herbs to Grow

These posts go into more detail on some of the basic medicinal plants: how to grow and harvest them, plus what healing uses they offer.


Bee balm photo courtesy of Homespun Seasonal Living

Herbal Recipes

And here are some recipes you can use once your medicinal garden is flourishing!

sage and honey cough syrup

Sage and honey cough syrup photo courtesy of And Here We Are

P.S. Creating a medicinal garden with your kids adds a whole other level of goodness. It can be a fun way to teach them about plants, patience and self-healing. Learn other benefits of gardening with kids.


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3 Responses to Grow a Healing Garden with Medicinal Plants

  1. Hi Donna,
    As a gardening novice, I must admit that I am a bit lazy too, so this post–and all of the helpful resources here–provides the basics I needed to get started! What an amazing collection of helpful posts you have assembled. Thanks for pulling this together. I’m pinning and sharing.

  2. Alicia Owen says:

    I love herbs! We planted a lot, so I’m hoping they make it because I’m a lazy gardener too. We get excited to plant stuff…then don’t weed or anything. lol

  3. Mike says:

    This has definitely convinced me to start growing herbs. Lemon balm is such a good idea for deterring mosquitoes! Plus it looks really nice when it’s little white flowers start to bloom. Thanks for this Donna.

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