An Award-Winning, Eco-Friendly Children’s Book: “Earth Remembers When”

I am so pleased when I see another eco-themed book on the market, especially in children’s literature. Making the environment a regular part of our children’s vernacular is an important step in them becoming stewards of the earth.

My latest discovery, Earth Remembers When by Dawn Wynne, is an absolutely stunning picture book with many layers to enjoy.

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Layer 1: Reading the rhymed story in which the narrator reminisces about a clean, abundant earth when forests covered the world and foods came from the ground instead of a box. Even though my seven-year-old reads on her own, she wanted me to read this book to her, and we cuddled on the sofa together.

Layer 2: Studying Gloria Piñeiro’s beautiful illustrations of oceanscapes, sunlit forests and wildlife families. Her work is vibrant and nostalgic, rich with lush detail.

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Layer 3: The pages fold out to reveal a very different scene of what happens when we lose environmental focus. Wynne shares some startling statistics on how careless human action affects our planet, yet she doesn’t leave us feeling hopeless. Each fold-out spread ends with a tip on what we can do to help reverse the tide. They are simple steps that kids can do, too.

Review of Earth Remembers When children's book by Dawn Wynne |

Because of its multiple layers, Earth Remembers When works wells for readers of many ages. My daughter Sofie read it on her own again, and she loved searching for the hidden Earth within every illustration — another layer of fun!

The eco-friendly theme extends beyond the story, which concludes with positive action. Wynne includes several pages of kid-friendly, vegetarian recipes plus crafts and games you can make with recycled household materials. She also participated in the Eco-Libris program, which means 100 trees were planted for this book.

Earth Remembers When is the recipient of the Readers’ Favorite Silver Award and the 2014 Living Now Awards.

Dawn Wynne is a best-selling author, award-winning educator, certified health coach and mother to a six-year-old. She also blogs at The Everyday Environmentalist, educating families to create greener, healthier lifestyles.

To buy Earth Remembers When, learn more about Dawn or schedule a school visit, go to


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