Top 5 Creative Uses for Snow

Snow. We get enough of it here in New England, which got me to thinking… there must be something more we can do with snow than simply shovel it. So here are five fun and sustainable ideas for winter’s white gift.


  1. Make Ice Cream

    Of course! Sofie and I will have to try this recipe from Sharon Glasgow during our next snowfall. 

  2. Water Your Plants

    Why waste water from the faucet when you get it for free right outside your door? Collect clean snow in buckets, allow it to melt (by placing it near a radiator or sunny window), and use it to water your houseplants or clean the house. If you boil the snow after its melted, you could even use it for cooking.

  3. Store Extra Food

    If you’re hosting a party and run out of room in the fridge, you can place the food inside coolers and bury them in the snow to keep fresh. Easy peasy.

  4. Make Maple Syrup Candy

    This inspiration comes from the Little House on the Prairie books, and if it’s good enough for Laura… Pour warm maple syrup onto freshly fallen snow and let it harden into edible chunks that you can then eat. Or follow these detailed directions.

  5. Clean a Wool Rug

    Scandinavians do it, and it’s probably the easiest process for cleaning your wool area rugs without using chemicals. You can get the full details here, but it basically requires leaving the rung outside to acclimate to the cold, immersing it in the snow, beating it clean and sweeping the snow off.

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2 Responses to Top 5 Creative Uses for Snow

  1. Karen says:

    What great ideas!! Never thought to use snow for anything other than sledding!

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