Top 10 Unique and Eco Friendly Holiday Gifts


Stores and television commercials have been showcasing holiday specials for weeks. And while I every year think I’m going to have my shopping done early, here we are at mid-November and I’m not nearly there!

When possible, I prefer to avoid crowds, traffic jams and big box stores and do my shopping online. With sites like Uncommon Goods (who I highlighted a few months ago for their charitable giving), it’s fun and easy to peruse a host of unique, eco-friendly gift ideas. They donate $1 from every purchase toward the charity of your choice. Below are some gifts from their Christmas Collection* that got me excited.

*(Except for #10, which is from ThinkEco2, an eco-cool company who is giving Eco-Mothering readers a 10% coupon! Scroll down for details.)

  1. AquaFarm, $60

    In this striking and symbiotic ecosystem, you get fish and a garden. Grow organic herbs, greens or decorative plants whose roots will be nourished by the nutrient-rich waters of the goldfish below. The acrylic components are BPA and phthalate-free. A great teaching tool for kids. Learn more.


  2. DIY Lip Balm, $40

    Ideal for the girls and women on your shopping list, this super-eco kit includes everything you need to make your own non-toxic, mint cocoa lip balm. Ingredients include: Fair Trade cocoa butter, organic oils, ethically-sourced beeswax, compostable bags and recycled labels. Learn more.


  3. Himalayan Salt Tequila Glasses, $30-45

    Himalayan pink salt is arguably the healthiest salt you can consume. Now you can enjoy its nutrient-rich benefits along with your tequila in these naturally anti-bacterial, 100% organic salt shot glasses. Yes, the glasses are actually made of pink salt, and they add zing to your drink. Optional bamboo tray. Learn more.


  4. Flavor Infuser Water Bottle, $15

    Tequila not your thing? Then make whatever flavored drink you prefer with this glass and stainless steel bottle. Add fresh fruits, veggies or herbs to your water and get a portable, flavor-infused drink. Learn more.


  5. Air Purifying Bag, $10-20

    The perfect housewarming gift, this natural fabric bag contains purifying bamboo charcoal that sucks odor-causing particles out of the air. It’s the natural way to fight smoke, mildew and pet odor in your home. Come in two sizes for various rooms. Learn more.


  6. Make Your Own Family Set, $40

    This unique toy inspires imagination as kids make their own dolls from natural materials: wood, fabric, felt, yarn and colored pencils. (Not for children under age 3.) Learn more.


  7.  The Storymatic Game, $30

    Add this fun game to your holiday gathering. Created by a Vermont schoolteacher, Storymatic is simply a box of cards with character traits and plot situations. Put them together for hilarious story combinations. The game comes in an adult and kids version.


  8. Recycled Holiday Sweater Mittens, $25

    What do you do with those holiday–themed sweaters that never get worn? Upcycle them into cozy mittens, of course! Each pair is unique and crafted by a United States job skills program that empowers adults with disabilities. Learn more.


  9.  Storyline Organic Soap, $15

    There’s nothing that isn’t natural about this soap package. The soap themselves are made from 99% organic ingredients including shea butter, essential oils, flaxseed, lime peel, jasmine flowers and coffee. Each bar is wrapped in its own book page of stories and illustrations to inspire. Learn more.


  10. Handmade Wine Rack from ThinkEco2, $40-48

    Crafted from reclaimed cedar, this made-to-order, eco-friendly wine rack emits a beautiful yet rustic feel in your kitchen or dining room. Choose a stained or painted frame. ThinkEco2 also makes liquor gift boxes and garden planters.

    Holiday Special! All Eco-Mothering readers get 10% off any purchase from ThinkEco2. Just use the coupon code “EcoMothering1” at checkout. Shop ThinkEco2 now.


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3 Responses to Top 10 Unique and Eco Friendly Holiday Gifts

  1. Deanna says:

    What neat ideas! The aqua farm looks awesome and and I can think of people I want to give Storymatic and the Air Purifying bag to!

  2. Erica says:

    These are great! And affordable!

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