Top 5 Healthy Snacks Kids Love


  1. Pears Pecorino

    This Tuscan treat was introduced to us years ago by friends. It is quite delicious, if a bit messy, and is always well received at potlucks. (Make it right before eating.) The ingredients: ripe pears, Pecorino Romano cheese, honey and walnuts. Slice the pears and arrange on a plate. Add a hunk of cheese (or a delicate sliver) to each slice. Drizzle with honey. Sprinkle walnuts on top. Buon appetito! Be sure to keep the cloth napkins handy.


  2. Fruit and Yogurt Muesli

    Another Italian inspiration, this was part of our daily breakfast buffet in Lake Como last spring. We reinvent it at home on weekends. There are many versions of muesli (a cereal introduced in 1900 by a Swiss physician), but this is how we like it. We use Chobani yogurt, which is nice and creamy, usually whatever flavor we have on hand. Add chopped apples and bananas. Add some dried apricots (chopped) and dried cranberries (optional). Mix in some granola (we like Trader Joe’s ‘Just the Clusters’ Vanilla Almond granola cereal). Great for breakfasts or a snack.

  3. Fruit and Yogurt Popsicles

    My daughter loves popsicles. I usually just make them out of 100% juice, but these sound tempting to try. A great warm-weather treat, these popsicles are made from Greek yogurt, berries, honey and vanilla. That’s it! Here’s the full recipe using raspberries.

  4. Sliced Veggies with Pesto or Hummus

    veggie-skeletonThe only way my daughter will eat her veggies is raw. I won’t complain about that since raw offers the most nutrients. I also know this: if I ask Sofie and her friends if they’d like veggies for a snack, they always say no. But if I place a tray of fresh-cut cucumbers, carrots, pea pods and peppers in front of them, they dig in like nobody’s business.

    And if you want to go the extra mile in making cute displays, use this veggie skeleton for inspiration.

  5. MySuperSnack Granola Bites

    Here’s a healthy on-the-go treat brought to you by three moms (one a holistic nutrition coach) behind the company, MySuperFoods. These nutrient-dense granola bites are soft, chewy and perfect for hiking, which is how Sofie and I used them. We both favored the blueberry banana acai; other flavors include chocolate chip and apple raisin. The granola bites come four per pack, which sells for $2.99, making it the perfect size for toddlers—less so for a hungry six-year-old, although it did take the edge off.


    I do love the healthy factor behind the snacks. They’re packed with whole-grains, fiber, Omega-3s, vitamins and minerals, while avoiding GMOs, additives and preservatives. For the kids, each health factor has a superhero character like Oxi-Rae who carries a blueberry shield while fighting free radicals. Other bonuses? The resealable packets are BPA-free, and the company donates 1% of sales to the Food Bank for New York City. Find out where to buy MySuperSnacks.

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Disclosure: Thanks to MySuperFoods for sending me a few Granola Bites samples. As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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3 Responses to Top 5 Healthy Snacks Kids Love

  1. kim maples says:

    Hi, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your website. The veggie skeleton is awesome. I think we would be a great fit with our humour and family oriented businesses. We just launched an eco friendly Kickstarter campaing and would love for you to share and join our campaign. Thanks,

    Kim Maples

  2. Lidiya says:

    I love MYSUPERSNACK granola bites, but for me it’s too pricey to spend almost 3$ for a little bag of granola for a toddler. It’s just easier to make your own granola bites:)
    By the way, I love your blog.

    • Donna DeForbes says:

      Thanks, Lidiya. Glad you found us! I love that you make your own granola bites 🙂

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