Top 4 Ways to Celebrate World Water Day

Events take place worldwide on March 22. Find something in your area or choose one of the following ideas for celebrating World Water Day (WWD) as a family.

World Water Day 2013 Infographic

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  1. Have a family competition to conserve the most water.

    Conservation is key. One bathroom retailer in the UK launched a Water Usage Survey with their customers and posted the survey results as well as tips for conservation (they also designed the above WWD infographic). Check them out as well as these 100+ household tips for your own family water usage competition. Up the stakes by allowing the winner to choose this year’s family vacation.

  2. Get crafty with recycled water bottles.

    Turn the caps into colorful magnets or pin cushions. Or try one of these craft options for repurposing plastic water bottles.

  3. Put on a play.

    This 10-minute script for a Water Cycle Adventure can be read by a class with parts for up to 19 students. Or performed by a family sharing many parts. No scenery or props necessary.

  4. Watch a movie.

    Such as the award-winning documentaries Blue Gold and Tapped. Both films focus on the privatization and corporate theft of the world’s dwindling water supply. Kids will prefer this animated video of the water cycle or the five-minute The Story of Bottled Water, which looks at how the media convinced us that pricey bottled water is better than free tap water.

World Water Day

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3 Responses to Top 4 Ways to Celebrate World Water Day

  1. I love this post! It’s so important to spread the awareness on the importance of conserving water. I especially enjoyed reading about the meaningful ways to get our kiddos involved. Wearing a backpack full of water, creating water art, and repurposing water bottles is so relatable for the next generation to learn from. Thanks for the ideas. 🙂

  2. Thanks for this post, Donna! And thanks especially for pointing out that it’s World Water Day on March 22nd – I didn’t even know! I’m featuring this post on the Simple Daily Change Facebook page on March 22nd, 2013, from 6pm to 8pm PST.

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