PRODUCT REVIEW: TriCalm Steroid-Free, Anti-itch Gel


As a member of Kiwi Moms Meet, I sometimes receive green products to review. The latest is TriCalm, an anti-itch gel whose biggest claim is that it’s 100% steroid-free — an important element to a natural mom like me.

My main use of the gel was for an old tick bite on Sofie’s scalp. The small red bump often itches, especially in the dry cold air. Her doctor said it will eventually heal, but in the meantime we should apply anti-itch creams. She mentioned steroid creams, which I’ve used before, but I didn’t want to use a skin-thinning, UV-ray sensitive chemical on my daughter.

This TriCalm gel seems to help keep itching at bay. We have to apply it frequently, but at least it’s safe, clear and odorless (unlike some stinky pink anti-itch creams I’ve rubbed into her hair previously).

When I tried TriCalm on the dry skin on Sofie’s hands, she complained about stinging. I was initially annoyed because the product is supposed to relieve stinging, not provoke it. However, further delving into their website told me that stinging may occur if TriCalm is applied to abraded skin. Sofie does scratch her dry skin and bug bits to the point of bleeding, so inevitably, some stinging will occur. The active ingredient (aluminum acetate) is an astringent, after all.

On my own dry skin, the TriCalm was effective in relieving mild itchiness.

What else I liked about TriCalm:

  • It’s non-greasy and practically odorless. I’ve tried many anti-itch creams that leave behind medicinal smells or flaking. TriCalm is clear and smooth and disappears into the skin.
  • Its formula contains strontium, an element found in leafy green vegetables. How can you go wrong with leafy greens?
  • It’s FDA- approved and safe to use on kids.

A few negatives:

  • It’s very goopy. It’s like a runnier version of hair gel, so you need to be careful squeezing it out of the tube.
  • Its effectiveness may depend on the sensitivity of your skin. Sofie complained of burning when I applied it to some of her bug bites. Again, it’s hard to get at her itchiness before my daughter begins scratching.

TriCalm is supposed to be beneficial for poison ivy/oak, sunburn and rashes – none of which my family has experienced lately so we could not test those areas, but the product is getting rave reviews on Facebook. It’s definitely worth a try. You can buy it on their website.

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Disclaimer: I received this product for free from the sponsor of the Moms MeetSM program, May Media Group LLC, who received it directly from the manufacturer. As a Moms MeetSM blogger, I agreed to use this product and post my opinion on my blog. My opinions do not necessarily reflect the opinions of May Media Group LLC or the manufacturer of the product.

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2 Responses to PRODUCT REVIEW: TriCalm Steroid-Free, Anti-itch Gel

  1. Jon Nelson says:

    I found that not only does this product not work, it actually made my itching worse. Perhaps all the positive reviews were by workers for Tricalm. The product is worse than useless; it aggravates existing itching.

  2. Barry Lawrence says:

    Sorry…doesn’t work…..expensive runny goop that on contact indicates there is potential for the product to work….don’t get too excited cause within minutes it’s either apply more or find something that really works…I suppose they sold the money back guarantee on the first 2 minutes of application….after that, all bets are off….Don’t buy it !!!!

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